Lu & Ling

Masters Lu and Ling, from the Daohearts family in China, are visiting New Zealand in early 2018. They will take a live-in retreat in Auckland, with a focus on healing. This will be followed by a class in Wellington the evening of Friday 16 February and a workshop 17/18 February. They will then travel to the South Island, where they will hold a workshop in Nelson on Saturday 24 February, then one in Christchurch the first weekend of March. To cope with demand, a final workshop has been arranged in Auckland for 7-8 March.

Master Lu was a fellow student of Master Wei Qi Feng in the two-year Teacher Training at Huaxia, 1993-1995. Master Wang Ling Ling also graduated from the two-year class, in 1997. The couple have taught extensively in Europe and the United Kingdom in recent years, as well as in the annual Harmonious Big Family three-month teacher training course in China. Master Lu’s teaching on Zhineng Qigong healing has greatly impressed students in that course and in his European workshops.

“Teachers Ling and Lu are much loved Zhineng Qigong teachers from the Daohearts family. Master Lu is especially good at creating a deep meditative space, and in that space he inserts positive healing energy full of universal love and energy. I feel deeply refreshed, and totally balanced and connected, after attending a session with Teacher Lu. When Masters Lu and Ling get together they create a synergy of yin and yang”    Raewyn, Qigong Practitioner and Teacher

“I didn’t realise that I knew little about Zhineng Qigong until I met Teacher Lu and Teacher Ling, although I had practised Zhineng Qigong for years. They are so inspiring and helpful. They taught me to open up and to build healthy relationships with family based on this profound Zhineng Qigong theory.”   Delphine Zhu, from the 2017 three-month Daohearts Teacher Training in China

” What really stands out for me is that teachers Lu and Ling, profound Masters of Zhineng Qigong, are so humble, so approachable, kind hearted and open about every aspect of theory, practice and qi healing.”  Inna Tanner, from the 2017 three-month Daohearts Teacher Training in China

You can read more about both Teacher Lu and Teacher Ling on the Daohearts website.

For more information:

Auckland Retreat

Wellington Workshop

Nelson Workshop, Saturday 24th February 9.30 to 4:00, Jaycee Room, Founders Park

Register with Jodie 021 259 5876,

Christchurch Workshop