August workshop with Master Xi

Exceptional workshop 17-18 August.

Master Xi Xiao Feng

On a brief visit from China, Master Xi Xiao Feng of the Daohearts group will take a workshop 17-18 August in Diamond Harbour. The workshop is accredited by Acupuncture New Zealand for 12 hours of CPD training.

Master Xi is a friend of Wei Qi Feng and Lu Zheng Dao, dating from their shared 1993-95 Teacher Training under Dr Pang Ming. He has formed a core part of Daohearts / Harmonious Big Family, teaching in China and throughout Europe.

Xi’s workshop is organised by Vida Watson. Participants from outside Christchurch can email Vida for a list of local accommodation providers. Those coming through Vida will pay only half the usual price in most cases, and you will be taken to the venue from where you stay. There is also a four bedroom house to let.  Full details can be found here. You can print off the first page of this brochure to display as a poster, or forward the brochure to anyone who may be interested.

You can read more about Master Xi on and at


Zhineng Qigong Classes

Zhineng Qigong classes are available both in Christchurch city and in surrounding areas.

Teacher: Vida Watson

Friday 9-10.30 am

Location: Mt Pleasant Memorial Community Centre, 3 McCormacks Bay Road, Mt Pleasant

Tuesday, 9.30 – 11 am  and  Thursday, 7 – 8.30 pm 

Location: Green Room, Diamond Harbour Hall, Village Centre, Diamond Harbour,

Banks Peninsula

Contact; Phone 0210720161

Vida is a registered acupuncturist and Zhineng Qigong teacher . She completed the Three Month Teacher Training class in China with Daohearts teachers and travels regularly to China for further  Zhineng Qigong study. She is committed to spreading this exceptional healing method.


Blue Sky Qigong Studio

19 Templetons Road, Aidanfield/Hillmorton

Wednesday: 10 ~ 11:45am Intermediate; 1 ~ 2:45pm Beginners; 7 ~ 8:45pm Beginners
Thursday: 1 ~ 2:45pm Beginners; 7 ~ 8:45pm Beginners

Teacher: Sandy Jiang
Contact: (03) 260 1256,
Facebook: Sandy Qigong

Sandy Jiang was trained by leading Zhineng Qigong teachers in Taiwan and China since 1994. She taught Zhineng Qigong for three years in Taipei, Taiwan, then immigrated to NZ in 1998, and founded Blue Sky Qigong Studio in Rangiora 2002.

Regular classes were taught, 12 Qigong workshops were given from 2005 to 2009 and seven sharing Qigong experiences CDs were recorded from 2004 to 2010. A Healing and Beyond book was made by her and her local students in 2013. Some of her students have started to teach Zhineng Qigong in the USA, Australia and NZ since 2009.

She moved to Christchurch in 2014 and began teaching Zhineng Qigong again in 2015. Sandy believes that the benefits of Qigong can only fully blossom when shared.