Paranormal Abilities

Paranormal Abilities: The Techniques of Zhineng Qigong Science was written by Dr Pang for the Huaxia two-year teacher training class. It provides a systematic explanation and classification of different paranormal abilities. It describes traditional methods for obtaining and using such abilities, along with more effective Zhineng Qigong modifications and techniques.

Dr Pang considered paranormal abilities a natural outcome of human evolution. He thought they had an important role to play in personal and societal development. He encouraged scientific research that would demonstrate their usefulness and increase understanding of them. Much of this research focussed on curing illness, with video footage by foreign film crews in the 1990s showing how these abilities could be used, for example to dissipate tumours.

However, Dr Pang was interested in the use of paranormal abilities in a wide range of fields, including to improve agricultural and industrial production. He wrote Paranormal Abilities to help people better understand and develop their latent abilities, to then use them for the public good. In a lecture he gave in 1998 he stated “Paranormal abilities are necessary for the development of Zhineng Qigong. They are needed for each individual’s practice to reach a higher level. They are needed for qigong to reach a scientific level.”

Many people are greatly interested in paranormal abilities, but ideas about them vary greatly and understanding of them is generally limited. You can use this book to better understand them, to develop or strengthen them, and to guide your practice.

Paranormal Abilities is 170mm x 245 mm and 151 pages.

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