Return visit of Masters Lu Cheng Dao & Wang Ling

Participants in last year’s visit by Masters Lu Zheng Dao and Wang Ling will be delighted to know they return to New Zealand early next year. People loved their Auckland retreat and their workshops in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland. Fortunately for us Ling and Lu enjoyed being with New Zealanders – and they revelled in our natural environment and wish to see more of our beautiful landscapes.

Ling and Lu will lead two workshops and one retreat:

A five-day workshop in Wellington: Friday 28 February to Tuesday 3 March

A five-day retreat in Christchurch: Friday 13 to Tuesday 17 March

An Auckland four-day workshop: Friday 21 to Monday 24 February

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Ling and Lu both graduated from the in-depth two-year Teacher Training in China many years ago. They have worked together ever since, and the sum of the two together is greater than each separately. They have the ability to cover many different aspects and elements of Zhineng Qigong theory and practice.

Practitioners have been especially fortunate we had two Chinese Masters visit this year. Both offered new insights and experiences, and response to both was overwhelmingly positive. Master Zhen held workshops in Wellington and Auckland, while Master Xi‘s were in Christchurch and Wellington. We cannot take for granted that such high-level teachers will wish to return, or even choose to come here in the first place. We hope Ling and Lu’s forthcoming visit will encourage them, and others, to continue bringing us the benefit of their precious Zhineng Qigong knowledge and experience.

We will apply for Acupuncture New Zealand approval of 30 CPD hours for our Wellington workshop, as with Ling and Lu’s 2018 visit.

Hun Yuan Ling Tong!

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