Xi Xiao Feng

Master Xi is a friend of Wei Qi Feng and Lu Zheng Dao, dating from their shared 1993-95 Teacher Training under Dr Pang Ming. They taught together from 2011, both in China and throughout Europe. In 2019 Xi made his first visit to New Zealand, where he gave two wonderful workshops.

Like other teachers, Master Xi focussed on online sessions during covid. He has now returned to teaching worldwide, especially in Europe. He also holds retreats in China. For further information see www.qibenzhi.com or email info@qibenzhi.com

These are a few comments emailed to us following Xi’s workshop in Wellington, New Zealand:

I so loved the workshop yesterday. Extraordinary. Inspiring. Beautiful.

Many thanks for hosting a great four day workshop – I went away with my head brimming with information…. I feel the four days was of huge benefit to my health.

I’ve never been to a workshop and gotten so much out of it or had such a good time. And I’ve definitely never been so well fed during an event like this! You really went above and beyond, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Practitioners value Xi’s compassion and dedication. He combines a serious approach with a joyous love of life.

As well as Zhineng Qigong teaching and healing, Master Xi has been involved with Zhineng Qigong scientific study. During covid he established the Qi Benzhi Community and carried out a series of online workshops. Participants greatly benefitted from both the breadth and depth of Xi’s Zhineng Qigong teaching, and from the healing power of the practice sessions he leads.  You can read more at www.qibenzhi.com, and Teacher Xi can be contacted on info@qibenzhi.com