2019 Healing and Healer Retreat

21 November – 16 December in Sanya, Hainan Province, China

The Harmonious Big Family have for some years held an annual retreat for people who seek to improve their health and for those who wish to improve their ability to heal (usually including self-healing, alongside the healing of others). The information that follows was provided by them and can be viewed in more detail on their website.

This 26 days retreat will be held in a five-star hotel with hot spring, swimming pool, coconut trees and very beautiful scenery all around. It’s a really good qi field for you to have a rest, to release tension and recover from all kinds of problems.

Healing and training of healers will be combined in an intensive course.

Participants who want to receive healing can learn and practice self-healing techniques while also receiving intensive healing from teachers, healers, classmates and through the strong qi field that will be created by everyone, heart to heart.

Healers will learn the systematic techniques of Zhineng Qigong treatment. They will have the opportunity to practice real healing and to share their healing experiences with one another.

Eligible students:

  • Patients and people who wish to improve their level of health
  • People who want to become qigong healers
  • People with natural healing abilities
  • Please note that we are unable to accept people with an infectious disease or a critical illness.


Harmonious Big Family will issue an Advanced Level Healer Certificate to those who pass the examination; if a student does not pass, they will have further opportunities to succeed.


Teacher Tao: taoqingyu@139.com

Teacher Xi: hylt93@163.com

2018: Healing and Healer retreat 

In November 2018 around 148 participants from 26 countries came to the beautiful and pure landscape of the Narada Rainforest Resort in Hainan, China, to receive healing, learn self-healing as well as healing methods and deepen their healing and Qigong practice.

Leaded by 7 Zhineng Qigong teachers, the big group build a strong Qi-field which was a powerful basis for a deep transformation of all kind of illnesses such as high blood pressure, Parkinson’s, cancer, diabetes, allergy, heart problems, dementia, depression, insomnia and so on. Sometimes the group was divided into several small groups to intensify teaching and practicing as well as for exchanging personal experiences. Healers and the ones who liked to become a healer had many opportunities to explore the healing methods one by one or during group healing, to get feedback and to gain self-confidence.

The number of people with health issues was about 1/3, so they could receive healing from many healers. Many people shared their healing experience during the retreat. For example one man lost 8 kilo weight within two weeks by practicing the wall-squat method, one woman’s visible tumor disappeared, one man could start to hear on one ear which was deaf for more than 50 years. Some participants also shared their experiences since the Dali retreat in 2017 and their progress was very wonderful, amazing and touching.

The beautiful nature of the Narada Resort, very comfortable rooms, healthy food, clean air, a strong qi field, love, laugh, good information and a strong solidarity as well as the teaching, devotion and wisdom of all the teachers made this retreat unique, powerful, unforgettable and inspiring.

Impressions of 2017 healing and healer retreat

52 participants came from 12 countries to receive healing and train to become a good healer.

In the beautiful nature qi field, love and good information transformed more than 34 kinds of illnesses which include: breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, headache, arthritis, Parkinson’s, asthma, heart problem, diabetes, high blood pressure, insomnia, constipation, allergy, body parts pain…… Most patients got good benefit. Almost all the healers grasped the healing theory, techniques and did healing for at least ten people, they got good feedback and gained confidence. Everybody felt happy and satisfied.

Further information at https://www.daohearts.com/2018-healing-and-healer-retreat/