Travel Retreat

Travel Retreat, Inner Mongolia

Inner Mongolia (prairie and temples), Zhangye 张掖 (colourful Danxia mountains), Dunhuang 敦煌(Mogao Caves 莫高窟 and desert

Dates: 21 June – 11 July 2018


Meditate in a strong qi field, merge with ancient cultures, beautiful grasslands, sacred mountains, vast barren desert, pure lakes, blue skies and leisurely clouds.

Qigong practice:

  1. Open lower dantian, hunyuan qiao and Shenji Palace.
  2. Loosen the spine and strengthen the central nervous system.
  3. Practice breathing methods to build inner qi.
  4. Train the aware entirety and present moment state during travel time; keep kong kong dang dang, huang huang hu hu; open the heart to merge into beautiful nature and ancient cultures, to create a happy, healthy and free new life.


  • Inner Mongolia

21 June: we pick you up from Xilinhaote airport and take you to Xilinhaote City

22 June: practice and rest in the hotel, visit interesting local scenic spot

23 June: travel by bus to the prairie, visiting Hexigten Banner stone forest on the way.

23-28 June: stay in a Mongolian yurt. During the day we will practice and play on the prairie, merging with the blue sky and beautiful environment to experience the entirety state.

29 June: by train to Hohhot

30 June-1 July: rest and visit Jokhang Temple

  • Zhangye (colourful Danxia mountains)

2 July: by train to Zhangye, enjoying the scenery along the way

3-4 July: stay in Zhangye, see the famous colourful Danxia landforms, take beautiful photos

  • Dunhuang(Mogao Caves and desert)

5 July: by train to Dunhuang.

6-10 July: visit Dunhuang Mogao Cave and explore nearby, stay in the desert one night, experience silent meditation in the desert.

11 July: fly from Dunhuang to Xi’an then to your country, or fly from Dunhuang to Xi’an then to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu.

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