Glossary of Chinese terms used on the CDs

lower, middle and upper dantian
– centres in the body where qi gathers (lower dantian = physical qi, middle dantian = organs qi, upper dantian = qi of the mind)

Shenji Palace – an old term, used by Dr Pang with his students, for upper dantian

Hunyuan Palace – a term for middle dantian, located between zhongwan and jizhong energy points behind the stomach

shen – the consciousness

yiyuanti – Zhineng Qigong term for the source of our consciousness; yiyuanti receives and understands information, reflecting the universe within the limits of the reference framework we build up throughout our lives; it can also send information, including having the ability to affect objects and living creatures

dao – the universal laws that govern everything

baihui – energy gate a little to the back on top of the head

dabao – energy gate below the armpit

duqi – the navel

mingmen – energy gate on the back in line with duqi

huiyin – energy gate in the centre of the body between the legs

middle channel of the body – runs from baihui to huiyin

heshi hands – prayer hands, palms together in front of the sternum

tanzhong – energy gate in centre of chest on the sternum

weilu – the tailbone or coccyx

xinmen – energy gate at fontanelle

yintang – energy point between the eyebrows

yuzhen – energy point at back of head in line with yintang

jingmai – the channels through which qi flows throughout our body, also called meridians

tong bi – free up the arms so qi flows from fingertip to tip, one side to the other

shou – pull

tui – push

kai – open

he – close

xu kong – the empty void

kong kong dang dang – experiencing the state of boundless space

huang huang hu hu – something exists but is not concrete; sometimes expressed as like a mist (found in the writings of Lao Tze)

hunyuan entirety state, true self state, pure universe state – the experience of oneness and harmony with the whole universe

original hunyuan qi  – the undifferentiated qi that fills the universe and that condenses and transforms into various forms; original hunyuan qi is the basic building block for every single thing in the universe

Hun Yuan Ling Tong! –  an expression that encapsulates the Zhineng Qigong theory of the unity of all in the universe, and from that the possibility for all things to transform and for miraculous-seeming change to take place

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