Daohearts Family

In recent years a number of teachers have worked together as part of the Harmonious Big Family, also known as Daohearts. Several of them have visited and taught in New Zealand. We welcome their valuable contribution to Zhineng Qigong both here and elsewhere.

An English-language teacher training programme began in 2013 and continues annually. It is divided into three levels and practitioners can attend one, two or all three levels at a time. A number of New Zealanders have qualified from this programme. Read more at https://www.daohearts.com/2020-international-teacher-training-class/

The Harmonious Big Family holds an annual Healing Retreat. In 2020 it is also holding its first specialised retreat, for people with Parkinsons disease.

New method by Dr Pang

From 24 February to 16 March 2020 teachers Wei Qi Feng and Yang Yunzhong will teach a new taiji form created by Dr Pang and taught to Teacher Yang by him. The form, called Taiji Mu Quan, is based on Zhineng Qigong theories. It manifests the essence and source of all taiji whilst having many benefits of Zhineng Qigong practice.

Taiji Mu Quan is easy to learn and is suited to people of all ages. It is effective both in improving health and in creating harmony in one’s life. Read more at https://www.daohearts.com/international-zhineng-taiji-teacher-training-retreat/

You can access the Harmonious Big Family website on https://www.daohearts.com/