Corrections: Methods of Zhineng Qigong Science
Since being published the following errors have been found.
Later print runs of the book have fewer errors; check which apply to your book.
Through our Contact form you can send a request for a copy of the corrections in the correct font and size, ready to print out then cut and paste.

p. 36, line 6. Replace ‘thirteen heavenly gates are:’ with
thirteen gates are: tianmen,

p. 41, above The Movements heading, should read
qi zhong, qi zai ren zhong’ and of ‘ren tian hun hua’

p. 65, point 4, line 4. Replace ‘fourth cervical vertebra’ with
fourth thoracic vertebra.

p. 72, Key points, end of line 3. Replace ‘truck’ with

p. 110, in the chapter heading change ‘Zhong’ to

p.129, line 3 should begin ‘Turn your body right 90˚’, not ‘left’; replace with
Turn your body right

p.144, point 5, line 7-8. Delete ‘and say “sang, si, song” as above’ so the sentence reads
With the fourth circle, breathe in naturally.

p. 170, middle paragraph, line 8. Draw the eyes ….to tiantong energy points; change to

p. 191 Replace ‘Juwei’ with

and ‘sacrum’ with

Add in

Renzhong – on the mid line of the philtrum (medial cleft), 1/3rd down from the base of the nose to the upper lip

p. 192 Replace ‘Tiantong’ with

p. 194 Under Hunyuanqiao replace ‘located between zhongwai…’ with

p. 195 Add in
Dragon Horns – Where the head curves in at the top of the bulge above the tips of the ears, out from baihui