Dr Pang’s Methods Book

Methods-of-Zhineng-QigongThe Zhineng Qigong Trust facilitates purchase of an important book by Dr Pang Ming, the creator of Zhineng Qigong.

The Methods of Zhineng Qigong Science was published in 1992 when Dr Pang set up his two-year Teacher Training class. It was produced as a textbook for those students and covers the methods they were taught. Along with the postures, movement sequences and mind activity, Dr Pang has given detailed explanations and suggestions on how to advance one’s practice. The diagrams of the original book are reproduced alongside their related text, making it easy to follow instructions.

The translation is enhanced by the addition of diagrams showing all energy points mentioned in the text, along with a location guide for each one. There is also a useful glossary of important words and concepts.

This is the first book by Dr Pang to be made available in English and it has been eagerly sought-after as the most authentic resource practitioners can access in English.

Initial translation from the Chinese was by Wei Qi Feng, who is eminently qualified to undertake this challenge. After completing the two-year Teacher Training class, he was part of the small group chosen to teach new methods created by Dr Pang and any modifications of existing methods.

The other challenge was to produce well-written, clear English text. Patricia Fraser has considerable experience in this area. It includes re-wording the translation of an important lecture Dr Pang gave, entitled “Using Yishi  Developing Human Potential through Qigong” translated by Samuel Lau (now out of print).

The Methods of Zhineng Qigong Science is 170 mm x 245 mm and 196 pages.

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